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Tangshan Changli Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Sales Hotline: 13930579271

Phone: 0315-6657563 / 6657521

Fax: 0315-6657563 / 6657186


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Address: The Second East Ring,South Road,Zunhua,Hebei,China

South Korea General Agency: JEFF-LIN            



Tangshan Changli Foodstuff Co , Ltd . Is located on The Second East Ring,South Road,Zunhua,Hebei,China. The company integrates acquisition , processing , sales , and export operations of varieties of snack foods. It is one of the earliest pioneers especially on chestnut business . The company’s premises is at a stone’s throw from Yanshan Mountain and the Great Wall, which is one of the best growing regions of Jingdong Chestnut (Tianjin Sweet chestnut). For decades, this region’s chestnuts have been warmly accaimed internationally, especially in Japan and Southeast Asia, for the unique combination of aroma, sweetness and texture. 

For over 20 years, the company have been faithfully working with customers from all over the world. Main offers include fresh chestnuts, fast-frozen chestnut kernels, ready-to-eat chestnut kernels , half-peeled instant chestnuts, instant sweet lotus seeds, Chinese yam, baked sweet potatoes, instant water chestnuts etc. The raw materials we use are directly sourced from the farming partners: chestnuts from Yanshan, lotus seeds from Hunan, Chinese yam from Henan, Water-Chestnut from Guangxi.

The company has invested over 60 million RMB to develop state-of-art capabilities. The premises covers an area of 12,000 square meters , and houses refrigeration, freezing and processing equipments. It can supply 3,000 tons of fresh chestnuts and 1,000 tons of frozen chestnuts annually, and 1,500 tons of other packaged snack foods sold directly in supermarkets. The company has internationally recognized quality inspection equipments, long-term supervision and inspection processes that keeps its promise on quality. The in-house laboratory has three high-precision metals (IQF) detectors and two X-ray foreign object detection machines make sure consumers receive only safe and reliable products.

The company has independent import and export permits, Japan's JAS organic food certification , ISO22000 food safety management system certification, and kosher food certification. With good record both domestically and internationally, Changli Food is a reputable leader of the industry. 

Jingdong chestnut has the unique characteristics of " fragrant " , " sweet " , " tender texture". Consumers remember it for likable shape, golden pleasant color, delicate in taste and long aroma in aftertaste . Our company has its own planting base. All the chestnuts produced are natural foods , and it has 15,000 ancient trees over 100 years old , which ensure the quality and safety of chestnut raw materials . The company's products are exported to Japan , South Korea , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Thailand , Canada , Israel , Singapore , the United Kingdom , Australia , the Unit Arab Emirates and other countries with guranteed customer satisfaction.

The company's purpose is " quality & trust" , and always adhere to the highest standard of quality and business management. We are warmly looking forward to work with new and old customers!